Boot Camp Facilitators

 DAY 1:  August 18, 2016      10:00 am -3:00 pm 

• Introductions!

• What is acting and why do you want to be an actor?

• The actors arsenal (headshot, resume, website, press kit, business cards,      demo reel, IMDB, social media)!

• How to get started in this industry and how to gain experience to build your  resume!

• Acting techniques (emotional recall vs. substitution)!

• Sides/Monologue, character development, finding ways to make strong    characters choices!

• The audition process and how to “book the room”!

     ~slating, confidence, focal point, not breaking the 4th wall aka “the  camera, do and don’ts in the audition space, appearance 

• Emotional and improvisational exercises (short form) & feedback (notes)!

• Identify “acting blocks” and habits inhibiting growth, imagination, and free  expression!

• Motivational and encouraging words of advice. Give insights based on our  journey.!  

• Warm up exercise circle!

• Scene study (one or more actors perform a dramatic scene and are then  offered feedback & notes from instructors)!

• Actors then perform scene a second time applying the notes, feedback and  adjustments!

• Mock audition putting everything into practice that you’ve learned in the  bootcamp!

• Watch playback of each student’s performance and provide feedback from i  instructors and Director of movie being cast!

• Help each participant discover their innate artistic potential!


 DAY 2: August 19, 2016      10:00 am -3:00 pm 

• Pre-Production: Concept, Script, Production Team, Budget, Casting

• Production: Shooting Schedules

• Post-Production: Editing & Film Path

• Coy's R's of Nonfictional Production